After the months of confinement when everything was frozen, the summer has slowly brought us out of hibernation. Alexander Deanesi’s flamboyant works energetically awaken us from our cultural numbness and take us into a whirlwind of explosive sensations: in his colourful and dense works, reminders of past eras and current events are mixed with naturalness and madness. The artist mixes the style of the great masters with pop-art and urban art inspirations. European revivals, Eastern and Western philosophies, and seemingly opposing doctrines merge with balance and elegance.

The exhibition NUOVO CONCILIO opened the cycle of exhibitions related to the theme of Memory through four great figures of contemporary painting who have questioned this subject: Alexander Deanesi, Gilbert Petit, Léo Caillard and André Cervera.

Alexander Deanesi is an Italian artist, versatile and original. Always in search of unity in art, in his work he mixes Eastern and Western philosophies, cultures and doctrines that might appear to be opposed.

The centre of his work is syncretism, the symbiosis of things that normally have no contact with each other.

He likes to mix the bright and intense colours of pop-culture with, for example, the biblical image of the Virgin and Child, a historical symbol of Renaissance painting. His aim is to make this work more topical and speak to people today.

His wish is to bridge the gap between different cultures by seeking harmony. The aspect that Alexander considers most important in art is beauty: taking inspiration from the great classics, but also looking around us, everywhere, to see things that have really marked history and especially art history.

For example, in the work Saint Michael and the Dragon, the artist changes the events of the scene. In the biblical story, Saint Michael kills evil, which is personified by the dragon, with a sword, whereas in his work he replaces it with a magic wand. In addition, he has painted a cloud of flowers in his other hand, because, according to him, an angel can use other tools than violence: it is well known that evil is not fought with violence!