After a month of visits, meetings, openings and artistic collaborations around the exhibition The Song of Memories by André Cervera, the H art agency is extending the event until 24 April 2021 at the Teodora Galerie. This is an opportunity to discover a selection of works of character, which honours the theme of Memory, constituting the genesis of this project. A look back at an artistic adventure through Time, History and the World.

André Cervera, a witness to the world’s civilisations

Nourished by his numerous travels, André Cervera compiles and records symbolic codes, mythologies and stories. His exhibition Le chant des souvenirs is based on the great myths. From the East to the West, from Africa and elsewhere, words have been shared since the dawn of time. With writing, but before that through oral tradition, historical accounts accompany the extraordinary stories that make up the great myths. In particular, he will discuss the collection of oriental apologues Kalila wa Dimna, the fables of La Fontaine, Greek mythology, Fulani tales and those of Charles Perrault.

Inspired by, and/or reinterpreting, texts taken from fables, tales and stories, he proposes about fifteen paintings created according to particular and singular protocols.

Singular creative processes

At the heart of his creation, André Cervera seeks the pure gesture; the one that is not influenced by Beauty and its contemporary definitions. In his desire to remain faithful to the first features of the work without modifying them, the artist draws the composition of some of his paintings blindfolded, thus materialising the mental image he had formed.

Moreover, certain canvases, once painted, are buried for some time to become impregnated with the mark of the natural elements (water, earth, wind, etc.), thus undergoing a transformation. For him, this metamorphosis is similar to the evolution of a story when it is transmitted orally from one person to another, and this through time.

The exhibition is always on view at the Teodora Gallery by private appointment; bookings can be made at or by telephone on 0177172845.

You can also request the exhibition catalogue by email and find the artist’s work in the online shop.